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Thank you very much for the donation of the computer and monitor. With COVID having reduced our business revenue by well over 50%, this donation is simply outstanding! We put the computer to use immediately and our patrons and staff have already noticed the difference it makes, and we have received many positive comments. Thank you again for your support. It’s community-minded people like you that make living and working on the Sunshine Coast such a pleasure.

W.J. (Bill) Mclean

Sechelt Legion, President

Johnny’s content marketing and social media efforts over this period have resulted in significant improvements around the performance, security, appearance and functionality of our web site, as well as extending the reach and awareness of our online graduate programmes and Open Learning Courses. Our enrolment numbers have steadily grown over the years and I feel this is a direct result of Johnny‚Äôs copywriting, content management and social media marketing efforts.

Les Lancaster, PhD

Alef Trust, Director

I have found Johnny not only to be honest and fair in his dealings, but, of all the people I have met outside a philosophy department, one of the most concerned about doing the right thing for the righ reasons.

Dale Beyerstein, MSc

Langara College, Chair of Philosophy

We first approached Johnny and his company Open Enterprise Solutions, for emal and spam solutions as we were experiencing heavy spam volumes which were impacting server and network loads, as well as staff inboxes. Johnny thoroughly researched, evaluated and eventually proposed a technical solution based on Linux and other open-source software which not only significantly reduced our network and server load, but end-user spam volumes were nearly completely eliminated. Not only did we receive a final, redundant, secure email and spam gateway solution which reduced server and network loads, but we have also found that the costys for implementing and managing these systems, have been significantly reduced as well.

Conrad Kordel

IT Manager, District of Squamish

Johnny is the type of person who will not settle for a sub-par status quo and will work with all levels of management to improve procedures and processes, and to improve the overall morale and happiness of whatever team, and company, he is party to. He is unafraid of raising systemic issues, and most valuably of all, will suggest solutions as well instead of just complaining of problems.

Jeff Welling, BSc

Cmd.com (DevOps)

In the time I worked with Johnny, He performed the role of Solution Detective. His incredible knowledge of the open source world allowed us on numerous occasions to find the best possible software infrastructure to tackle complex business requirements. I would hire him again in a heartbeat to research/implement the best possible open source solution to complete the puzzle that is a bulletproof modern IT enterprise.

Gary Broeckling

District of Squamish

In the time I have known Johnny he has always endeavored to achieve perfection in his work, all the while maintaining the requirement of meeting all of his deadlines. His organizational skills are, in my opinion, impeccable, allowing him to meet his deadlines without sacrificing the quality of his work. Johnny has the reputation as a man who can solve complex problems, on time, with the highest quality assured.

Greg Pope, MSc

APEGA (Director of Examinations)

We have found Johnny a great person to work with. It is not simply his knowledge and enthusiasm that make him an excellent consultant and content manager. What is distinctive is the way he arrives at researched, innovative and creative solutions, and the great conversational style with which he presents them. He is a great collaborator, whilst being someone who can be trusted to be self-sufficient and to tenaciously get the job done.

Les Lancaster, PhD

Alef Trust, Director

[Johnny] demonstrated crucial leadership in many technology areas involving database administration, SQL/PLSQL development, reporting, statistical performance analysis, network performance analysis and a variety of server/database configuration duties. Johnny’s ability to research and implement in-house custom solutions…saved the corporation from spending more than $70,000 US on a vendor solution.

Greg Skakun

Canadian Forest Products, Project Lead

We found Johnny to be both extremely competent and consistently reliable in his position as an expert statistical consultant. His hard work ethic, together with his efficiency and high quality of work makes him a valuable asset.

Marni Martin, BSc

Madrone Consultants, Supervisor

What stands out more than [Johnny’s] statistical expertise, is his ability to do all of the “other things” extremely well. Things like excellent communication skills, great organization, completion of work in a timely manner, accuracy of work, attention to detail, problem solving, getting an invoice right the first time (wouldn’t believe how many consultants can’t do this).

Richard Reich, RPF

Ministry of Forests

“Johnny displayed a very high amount of domain knowledge with open source tools as well as closed source ones. Primarily, Johnny was brought on to work with various Linux systems, along with providing expert knowledge of MySQL and Apache configurations. His ability to work with and customize these technologies to suit Hatfield’s environment is unquestionable.

Adrian Oliver, BSc

Cisco, Engineering Manager

Johnny was crucial in planning and implementing network wide improvements at Hatfield. His LAMP skills greatly helped us with improving standards compliance, stability and speed of network services. Johnny was quick to respond to questions, and always gave detailed and well thought out documents. I would not hesitate to hire Johnny for future work, and look forward to the opportunity to work with him on future projects!

Adrian Oliver, BSc

Cisco, Engineering Manager

I haven’t stopped giving verbal references for [Johnny] since he started working with me. Johnny has been the single most helpful consultant I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Richard Reich (R.P.F)

Ministry of Forests

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