If you are not familiar with Linux or open-source software, please check out the Why Open Source page.  There you will find a summary of how businesses, governments and institutions around the world are saving millions of dollars in technology and software costs through the use of Linux and other open-source software.

Linux and open-source software are the dominant technologies behind the Internet and many believe that we would not have the open and ubiquitous Internet without Linux and other open-source software. Even the most popular mobile operating system (Android) is based on the Linux operating system. The main benefits to using open-source software are:

  1. Cost (open source software is often free, or far less costly that proprietary software)
  2. Freedom (no vendor-lockin and so you can get support from users or vendors around the world)
  3. Security (with source code, you can determine if any back-doors have been installed)
  4. Community (global community of vendors, users and businesses available for support)
  5. Flexibility (with source code, you can modify any aspect of the software to meet your needs)

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