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We offer secure, remote desktop computer, network and training support services for home office and personal technology anywhere in North America.

Home, Family & Office Services

Computer Repairs, Technology Support & Training Services

(More services, online training and course details coming soon) 


Windows Support

Windows operating system support, installation, upgrades, boot problems, data recovery and training.

WiFi - Open Enterprise Solutions

WiFi & Internet Performance

Is your WiFi slow and not reaching your entire house? Do web pages seem to be loading slower and slower?

Digital Legacy Protection & Recovery Services

We help ensure your accounts, photos & data are available to your loved ones when the time comes.


Virus & Malware Removal

Virus/malware scanning and removal, security recommendations, best practices and training.

Computer Training

Computer Training

Computer and software training for Windows/Linux platforms, social-media, security, web development.

Digital Wellness - Open Enterprise Solutions

Digital Wellness & Social-Media

Many technologies (like social- media) have a dark side. We can help keep your children & teens safe.


Children & Online Security

Services and strategies to protect your children, data, identity, computers and networks when online.

Backups & Data Protection

We will show you how to keep your data, photos, files and accounts backed up and safe.

Multimedia, Streaming, Automation & IoT Services

Home automation, streaming whole-house music/video, Internet of Things and turnkey Raspberry Pi devices.

Windows Support

Is your Window’s computer running slowly? Are you behind in security or performance updates? Are you still running an old version of Windows and need to update? We can help by ensuring your Windows computer is up to date, all security patches are applied and remove all the bloatware that comes with most new computers and can slow down performance. 

Remote Support Services

During this time of COVID-19, we want to keep you safe and so we can establish a Remote Desktop session to work on your computer from anywhere in Canada! 

Drop-Off Support Services

If your computer system is unable to boot up or connect to the Internet, you just have to arrange to drop it off in lower Gibsons and I will diagnose the problem and provide you with an estimate for any repairs.

On-Site Support Services

If we need to do a site visit to assess or repair your computer, Internet connection, WiFi or other technologies, we will arrange a safe, no-contact and masked service call to minimize the risk of COVID-19.

Virus & Malware Removal

Did you just get hit with a virus? Are you worried about data loss or privacy protection? Has your web browser been hijacked? Do you keep seeing random pop-ups which you can’t explain or stop? We offer complete virus and malware scanning and removal services.

Virus & Malware Scanning

We will scan your computer for viruses and other malware and remove them before any more damage is caused, or data lost. 


Virus & Malware Software

We can review your computer use habits and needs and make recommendations on the most suitable antivirus and malware software to use.

Computer Security Best Practices

The FIRST STEP in protecting your computer, data and identity online is your BEHAVIOUR. We can show you how to identify and avoid risky software, websites, emails, messages or practices which put you at risk.

Family, Children & Online Security

There are many risks to your children online. Child predators, bullying, adult content, illegal activities and even mental-health risks with social-media. There are many ways in which children and teens can be harmed or exploited online. We can help you with both the technological and behavioral practices which can keep you and your children safe online.   

Home Network Security

Do you know how safe or secure your home network is? If you have WiFi in the house, are you sure it has not been hacked and is being used by a neighbor to conduct illegal activities? Is your ISP spying on your Internet traffic? We can do a Home Security Vulnerability Assessment and make recommendations for improving the security, performance and safety of your home networks.

Home Network Content Filtering

Do you worry about the types of websites your children may be visiting on your network? Social-media sites like TikTok are also known to be a haven for child predators. We can show you how to monitor and even block or schedule certain sites and social-media services your kids use, both at home and on their personal mobile devices.

Family Technology Planning

The most effective way to keep your children safe online and minimize the mental-health risks of social-media, is to develop a Family Technology Plan. Ideally BEFORE you introduce them to these technologies. Creating healthy technology habits early will instill in your children responsible and safe practices which they will carry with them into adulthood. If your child already has access to the Internet and other digital technologies and you are worried about their safety online or the potential mental-health risks with social-media, we can still help. We can help you to collaborate with your child to assess the risks, share your concerns with them and then implement both technological and behavioral best practices to keep them safe online.

WiFi & Internet Performance

Is your WiFi slow or dropping connections? Do you find that the Internet seems to be slowing down for you? We can review your local network settings, WiFi and router configuration to help speed up performance and ensure the most reliable connections possible throughout your home.

WiFi Site Survey

In most neighborhoods there are many, sometimes dozens of overlapping wireless signals. Within your own home you may have  multiple wireless signals or other devices which may be broadcasting on the same frequencies as your WiFi. You also may not be using the most current, secure or fastest WiFi protocols. Each of these factors can not only reduce WiFi performance and reliability, but can also introduce security vulnerabilities. We can perform a WiFi Site Survey and optimize your WiFi for the best performance and security.

Wireless Mesh Networks

If you have a large home with multiple WiFi access points, you may want to consider a Mesh Network. A Mesh Network will significantly broaden the reach of your WiFi signal, will reduce the number of crowded WiFi channels, simplify your network (fewer SSID’s) and in most cases should also improve performance. Especially out to under-served areas of your home or property. We can conduct a WiFi Site Survey to assess your coverage and recommend (and install) a suitable Wireless Mesh Solution.

Network & Internet Performance

Are you finding that your Internet speeds are slow, even though you are paying for a High Speed connection. Along with a WiFi Site Survey to assess your WiFi performance, we can also review your network settings, router configurations, DNS settings and other factors which may be slowing down your Internet connections.

Computer (Digital Literacy) Training

Computer skills are critical in today’s interconnected and social-media driven world. We offer one-on-one and (virtual) group training sessions for all skill levels, from novices to advanced users. We can offer courses in computer hardware, Windows, Microsoft software (Office), Zoom, website development, Internet security, Linux, open-source software and social-media. We can also show you how to use these tools to communicate better and even make your life a little simpler.  

Basic Computer & Internet Skills

BIOS, ram, Central Processing Unit, mother board, DIM’s, DNS, URL’s. Is all this sounding like gibberish to you? Would you like to learn more about how a computer works and how to repair some of it’s basic functions? Would you like to learn more about how the Internet works so you can be safer online and use it more effectively? We offer both group and (remote) one-on-one training sessions to help you understand the basics of how a computer and the Internet works.

Basic Windows or Linux Skills

Windows is the most popular desktop operating system in the world. Learning how to use Windows safely, efficiently and securely will ensure that you get the most value from your computer. We can show you some basic housekeeping practices; how to update your Windows computer; install programs;, free up disk space and remove the clutter which builds up on Windows over time and makes it less reliable. 

Although Windows is the most popular desktop operating system, Linux is the most widely used operating system overall. Linux (and it’s variants like Unix & Android) runs most of the Internet, almost all cloud services, most IoT devices, most corporate server rooms, the top 500 supercomputers and even the most popular mobile devices (Android). Linux is also VERY popular on the desktop and can even be made to look like Windows (or Mac). We offer both one-on-one and group (virtual) classes on installing and using the Linux operating system.  

Website Development & Social-Media Marketing

Do you or your business need a website? With COVID-19 forcing many businesses online, there is a high demand for website development and learning how to market your services online and through social-media. Thanks to COVID-19, these are business processes know as Digital Recovery and Digital Transformation. Along with providing website development and social-media marketing services, we offer both one-on-one and (virtual) group classes on building and managing your own website and doing your own social-media marketing.

Backups & Data Protection

Do you have a backup plan for your personal data? If your computer, tablet or phone dies or is stolen, do you know how to recover your data, photos, files or account passwords? We can help you to ensure your important data, photos and accounts are all automatically backed up and secure so YOU DONT HAVE TO. 

Backup Plans

There are only two kinds of hard drives in the world. (1) Those that HAVE failed and (2) those that WILL fail? We can show you how to create automated backups of your computer, tablet, cell phone and even cloud data. 

Contacts, Photos and Accounts

If your computer dies, you lose your cell phone or it stops working, do you know how to recover all your contacts, photos or access to all your important email or social-media accounts? We can show you how to create a simple and automated system for NEVER losing any of your contacts, photos or important online accounts. Sound good?

Disaster Recovery Planning

What happens if your home office suffers a critical disaster like a fire or theft? What happens when a cloud service (email, website, social-media, storage) goes down? What happens when your main “tech person” in the family is injured, gets sick or cannot be contacted and they are the only ones with access to accounts, passwords or other critical data? We can help you setup up a Disaster Recovery Plan which will ensure you, your family and home business can continue operating online even in the event of a major disaster. 

Digital Legacy Protection & Recovery

Do you know what will happen to your online accounts or data in the event of your passing or you become incapacitated? Do your family or loved ones know how to access your banking information, email, photos, files and social-media accounts in the event you get sick or incapacitated in any way. We can help you protect your digital legacy.

Managing Accounts & Passwords

Although most of us will make a Will that covers our physical and financial assets. How about all of your digital assets like bank accounts, email accounts, social-media accounts, cloud services and other online systems? We can help you to securely and easily manage all your online accounts and services without having to remember all those passwords! We can also show you a simple way that your loved ones can access all of your online accounts and services in the event you become ill or incapacitated. This process can also be included in your Will, so that your digital assets are as protected as your physical and financial assets.

Protecting Your Digital Legacy

By the time most of us reach the end of our lives, we will have amassed a huge amount of data, accounts, emails, photos and other content across many devices and systems. Have you made any preparations to shut down those accounts, remove any personal data, or pass on family data like photos and digital legal documents to your loved ones? We can help you identify your Digital Footprint, determine which accounts should be kept open, which should be deleted and which data needs to be secured and made available to loved ones. We can help you to protect, secure and ensure your loved ones can access your Digital Legacy when the time comes.

Digital Legacy Recovery Services

Have you recently lost a family member and need access to their email, photos, social-media or other accounts? Did they forget to document and protect their own Digital Legacy? We can help you gain access to your loved-one’s accounts and data, provided you can confirm you have legal access.

Digital Wellness & Social Media

Those who study the psychology of technology use (I completed a Masters Degree on the topic) have found that there are harmful effects associated with cell-phones and social-media, particularly for children and teens. With social-media platforms using well-known habit-forming and psychologically manipulative tactics to keep us addicted, it has become critically important to develop healthy technology strategies to avoid becoming Digital Zombies!

Digital Detox

Sleep disruption, stress, anxiety, addiction, lost productivity and depression are some of the negative effects of mobile technology and social-media over-use. We can help you identify if you or your family’s technology use is problematic and how best to implement monitoring and regular Digital Detox days (or weeks). 

Digital Wellness Planning

The most effective way to keep your children safe online and minimize the mental-health risks of social-media, is to develop a Family Technology Plan. Ideally BEFORE you introduce them to these technologies. Creating healthy technology habits early will instill in your children responsible and safe practices which they will carry with them into adulthood. If your child already has access to the Internet and other digital technologies and you are worried about their safety online or the potential mental-health risks with social-media, we can still help. We can help you to collaborate with your child to assess the risks, share your concerns with them and then implement both technological and behavioral best practices to keep them safe online.

Social-Media Strategy For Wellbeing

In 2019 I completed a Master’s degree in transpersonal psychology where I researched and investigated the relationship between social-media (Facebook) and wellbeing. Using a well known happiness model by Martin Seligman (leader in Positive Psychology) called PERMA, and knowledge of how the Facebook algorithms work, I created a Facebook Strategy for Wellbeing. ALL subjects reported improvements in wellbeing, felt better about using Facebook and agreed to continue using the strategy after the study ended. If you are concerned about your Facebook use and would like to learn how to avoid the mental-health risks and structure your use in a manner which serves your needs and may even improve wellbeing (according to the science), I can help.

Multimedia Streaming & Home Automation

Many of us now own Smart TV’s, one or more streaming devices like Google Chromecast or even use a Smart Assistant like Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. You may even have some Smart Plugs or Smart Lights in your house which respond to voice commands. As a life-long audiophile and home automation geek, we can help you install, configure and manage all your Smart Devices and even show you how to access all your movies and music from every room in the house.

Media Servers

Many people simply use free or paid music/video streaming platforms like Spotify, Netflix, Crave and others. True music lovers, audiophiles and movie buffs will have their own digital music and movie collections. If you have a large music or video collection, using free open-source software we can show you how to create your own Media Server. You will then have a centralized backup of all of your media and make it available to stream on various devices and screens around your home. We can even show you how you can access, listen to and watch all your media remotely. You can even provide access to all your music and movies to other family members anywhere in the world!   

Smart Home & IoT Devices

With so many “Smart” device vendors to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is best for you, and how you can get all your devices to work together seamlessly and easily. We can help you choose the right vender and service which works best for you and even how open-source software can help you to manage and control all your Smart Devices in one place.

Raspberry Pi Devices

A Raspberry Pi is a small, single board computer (SBC) which costs around $100. These small self-contained little computers have become VERY popular with the do-it-yourself (DIY) crowd. Especially for building  interesting and practical devices for businesses, home automation, robotics, monitoring, security, streaming music/video and even blocking ads and improving performance of all the computers and devices on your network! We can help you get started with your Raspberry Pi projects or even custom build Turnkey Solutions for network security, home security, ad-blocking, media services, grow management and more.

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