Digital Literacy & Digital Wellness Services

Coaching, Courses & Resources To Build a Safe & Healthy Relationship With Technology

Classes & Coaching For Safe, Secure & Healthy Technology Use

Digital Literacy & Digital Wellness

Digital literacy is critical for remaining safe online and getting the most out of technology. Technologies like smart-phones & social-media are also having a profound & negative impact on our mental health, especially among youth. Drawing on a foundation from positive psychology, positive technology and the science of wellness, we offer evidence-based coaching, courses and resources for engaging with technology in a safe and healthy manner.

Digital Legacy Protection - Open Enterprise Solutions

Strategies for Protecting Your Digital Legacy

We can show you how to protect your accounts, personal information, photos and other data.

Social Media for Wellbeing - Open Enterprise Solutions

Strategies For Healthy Social-Media Use

One-on-one and group coaching sessions for using social-media in a manner which improves well-being.

Cybersecurity - Open Enterprise Solutions

Strategies For Protecting Your Kids & Family Online

Technologies and coaching services to keep your family and children safe online.

Digital Wellness - Open Enterprise Solutions

Mindfulness & Technology

Mindfulness training and best-practices for using technology in a safe and healthy manner.

Digital Detox - Open Enterprise Solutions

Digital Detox Strategies

Technologies and services to help you introduce regular Digital Detox days for yourself and family.

Digital Wellness Classes - Open Enterprise Solutions

Digital Literacy Training

Basic computer training, Internet safety, protecting your privacy online, safe social-media use.

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