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Open Enterprise Solutions is a socially responsible, community focused and wellness oriented business, technology and learning solutions provider. I have more than 30 years technology experience across a wide range of business, government, research and educational sectors. But technology is not my only passion. I also have a broad education and experience in the areas of neuropsychology, research, statistics and the psychology of consciousness, happiness and well-being. This re-launch of Open Enterprise Solutions in 2021 represents the culmination and combination of my passions and interests in technology, psychology, social-media and wellness.

Technology permeates almost every aspect of our lives today, especially social-media. How we design, choose and use these technologies in our professional and personal lives contributes not only to the fiscal success of a business, but the mental-health and well-being of those using the technologies. Therefore I run my business under a personal and business philosophy that focuses both on the delivery of secure and cost-effective technology solutions, but also on digital wellness, social change and providing community value

Johnny Stork, MSc

Johnny Stork - Open Enterprise Solutions

History of Open Enterprise Solutions

Open Enterprise Solutions began as Academic Computers in 1987 while I was attending Simon Fraser University in Burnaby BC. I had entered a research psychology program the year before and so I figured that computers would become an important part of my life from that day forward. I began to learn all that I could about computers, current operating systems and bit of programing. Academic Computers provided custom built computer systems, technical support and training primarily to students, faculty and staff of various Vancouver based colleges and universities. 

Between 1987 and 1995 Academic Computers expanded it’s service offerings to keep up with the growing technology, software and services industries. We were still building and supporting personal and academic computer systems, but now we were offering business services, programming (Visual Basic, Pascal etc), Windows operating system support (personal and business systems – Windows NT) as well as analytical, research and statistical services. During the early and mid 90’s when the Microsoft Windows operating system was increasingly being deployed in the business world – especially with the launch of Windows 95 – another operating system had also entered the tech world and was getting noticed, Linux.

Between 1995 and 2000, database programming (SQL) in Oracle, database reporting with Crystal Reports and enterprise business support for Linux, servers, firewalls, network security and other infrastructure systems entered the Academic Computers portfolio. The Internet was now firmly established, the Linux operating system was being increasingly deployed in corporate server rooms due to its increased reliability, security, flexibility and low (free) cost of entry. With open-source software dominating the Internet and Linux being used increasingly in the enterprise, educational and even small-business sectors, it was time for Academic Computers to evolve with the evolving technology landscape.

In 2000 Open Enterprise Solutions was launched and represented an evolution of services to now focus on offering low-cost, secure, reliable and powerful open-source and Linux based solutions for government, educational, enterprise and small business clients – where it was a good fit. Until around 2010, Open Enterprise Solutions saw rapid growth into the government and enterprise business markets providing hardware/server solutions, as well as large-scale infrastructure, database, security, email, content management and web development services – the majority of which was Linux and open-source based. The largest project taken on during this period was an infrastructure contract with the Ministry of Health to rebuild, secure and streamline the Province’s (BC) blood transfusion event database. My last project before shutting down Open Enterprise Solutions in 2012 was a Proof of Concept hardware and open-source software audit for the Canadian Coast Guard. They were planning a migration from expensive and close-source software solutions in all of their offices across Canada, to more cost-effective Linux solutions and other open-source software.

Between 2012 and 2019 Open Enterprise Solutions was (temporarily) shuttered, and the website taken down while I completed a couple of graduate programs in transpersonal psychology and a wellness coaching certificate. Although I was focused on academic matters through this period, I was still providing business technology, educational technology, security and web development services at significantly reduced rates on a part-time basis while I completed these programs. I was also closely following the growth of social-media and other technologies which were spreading rapidly and absorbing more and more of our time, attention and impacting our behaviours on personal, social, national and global levels. I soon became interested in the psychological impact of these pervasive technologies which were taking up more of our time and impacting our thinking, behaviour and lives – on a global scale.

In 2019 I completed a Master’s degree in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology through Middlesex University in the UK. You can think of this field of psychology as being concerned with the highest potential in human beings for happiness, wellbeing and flourishing in life. My thesis – A Facebook Strategy for Wellbeing – looked into the positive and negative effects of social-media and tested a strategy for using Facebook which not only limited the potential negative psychological effects, but could also boost happiness and well-being.

So what does this research and graduate studies into the highest potential of human beings have to do with technology and Open Enterprise Solutions? Simple. Technology is no longer just a bunch of hardware or software tools we use at arms-length to solve business or research problems. Technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of our business, educational, social and personal lives. The technologies we use today have fundamentally changed how we define society, community, friends and even our personal identities. But there has also been a growing dark-side to many of these new technologies. Ever since computer gaming was shown to have potential negative effects on mental health and could lead to destructive, even addictive behaviors, we have seen many new technologies develop which, along with their positive and practical benefits, also hold a dark side. Social-media has now been linked to increased rates of depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses in youth and many mental-health experts are calling for changes to how we use these technologies. New fields like Positive Technology have arisen to help us to better understand the impact of technology on our lives and how best to use them in a manner which not only reduces any potential risks, but can even improve happiness, wellbeing or serve other humanitarian causes. Even the World Health Organization has reported that the growth of pervasive technologies such as social-media are one of the biggest concerns for global health, especially for youth.

In summary, Open Enterprise Solutions has evolved to become a Socially Responsible company which leverages the science and psychology of Positive Technology and Digital Wellness Coaching to better serve our clients and the community. Along with helping you to choose and manage the most secure, reliable and cost-effective technology solutions for your home, business or organization, we can also help you, your employees or your family use technology in a healthy and positive manner.

Johnny Stork, MSc

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