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Image Open Enterprise Solutions (OES) is a technology consulting and systems integration firm serving clients in Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. What do we do? We help our clients save significant amounts of money, and improve security, increase efficiencies and reduce overall operating costs in their use of business technology, communications, information management, databases, web sites and software. We accomplish this through the use of open standards and open-source software such as the Linux operating system and many others. "Free" and Open-Source Software (FOSS ), is revolutionizing the business, technology and communications industries and we can show you how to leverage these cost-effective and powerful solutions, for your business.

Our services emphasize solutions based on the Linux operating system,  open-source and wherever possible, open-standards. Open-source and standards-based solutions can boost efficiencies, save money, increase return on investment and improve interoperability. The significant cost-savings and increased efficiencies provided by most "open" systems have become so widespread and acknowledged that entire governments around the world have even legislated their use over expensive and closed proprietary solutions. For more information on why "open" systems/solutions are beneficial to your business and bottom-line, please check out our Why "Open" Solutions section.

Rather than offering costly propietary or completely custom-built solution, OES offers a third alternative: assembling business solutions using open-source software and open-standards. Therefore we offer solutions built around the Linux operating system and other exceptional open-source solutions for Content Management (Joomla CMS), Course Management (CMS), Document Management, Database Reporting, Customer Relations Management (SugarCRM), VOIP/PBX (Asterisk) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This allows our clients to be compliant in software usage with zero licensing costs while leveraging the power of the latest internet technologies, increasing return on investment (ROI) and avoiding single-vendor lock-in scenarios.

"Open Solutions for an Open World"

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